Setting Intentions

Everything You Need to Know about Empowering Your Intentions

This short course will teach you how to not only set intentions, but empowering them with the Three Secrets. You need to prepare your mind and your heart and your body for your intention setting. These three secrets engage all three parts of your body.

Creating a clear intention is only the first step. We need to engage all parts of our being:

  • mind
  • body and
  • spirit

With this method I can teach you to fully engage with your intentions and create more powerful visions for your future.

Enjoy the wealth of Knowledge.

PS Three Red Envelopes are required in exchange for this knowledge.

Your Instructor

Dr Luna-Mama Katherine
Dr Luna-Mama Katherine

Dr. Katherine is a Naturopathic Doctor working to help women respect and connect to their bodies., feel connected to their bodies and women get pregnant naturally with nourishing foods, herbal magic, and moon energy.

Katherine struggled herself with the grief of a miscarriage during Medical College. She understands how women can develop an all-encompassing passion to reproduce regardless of the logical limits.

Using herbs and vitamins and closely monitoring her own ovulation cycle, fertility became the focus of her naturopathic practice. Dr Katherine knows that you need to consciously create a super healthy body and mind to manifest another creative being within you.

As a Naturopathic Doctor she will guide you to regulate and balance your fertility with natural remedies. Using the cycles of the moon you will engage both mind and body to ensure a healthy fertile body.

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  Intention Setting Method
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